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The Melewi team has been working remotely since day one. Through the years we’ve developed our own internal work process to fit this remote lifestyle. Being on different continents with your teammates requires an efficient workflow when it comes to collaboration and knowledge exchange.
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UX and UI Consultation

We’ll have a discussion on where you currently are with your product and where you want to be. After that, we’ll help you figure out how to achieve this through better design and usability.

UX Audit

If you already have an existing product, but you’re not seeing the numbers you’d like to, there might be room for improvement in your product’s usability. We can analyze your UX and come up with a comprehensive audit with actionable recommendations on what to improve.

Remote Working Consultation

We’ve helped companies either go fully remote or have a remote team in addition to a head office. It’s crucial to create internal systems that allow for easy, asynchronous collaboration even when team members are in different timezones.

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