Frequently Asked Questions


I want to start a project with you, what details do you need from me?


Easy! Just fill up our form, and our project manager will reach out to you to reconfirm the details, and discuss other questions you might have.

Great! Where do I reach out to collaborate with you?


We use mainly Slack, WhatsApp and Google Hangouts to communicate with our clients. Trello, Dropbox, and Google Drive are our primary tools to manage your projects. If you prefer to use other means or tools to move forward, just let us know!  

I’m ready to submit a design request. When will you be able to get back to me?


Response time will depend on the subscription plan availed. Including support services, our Essentials will take up to 48 hours, while our best selling Package, Might as Well, takes only up to 12 hours respectively.

I need a project by tomorrow. Can you make it?


Turnaround time for projects depends on the complexity of the requests. When your project manager discusses the details you have submitted, they’ll be able to tell you when you can expect your design to circle back to you.

What if I need a lot of versions. How many do you normally provide per project?


Good question! Again, this will depend on the complexity of your requirements, and also the number of hours still available for use in your current month. 

Is the number of your revisions per project unlimited?


You are welcome to request away, however, the number of hours you have in your plan is limited so choose requests wisely!

What about brands? Is there a limit to how many brands I can submit requests for?


None at all, provided you have ownership of these brands.

Do we need a contract for me to be able to avail of your services?


Absolutely not. You can even cancel anytime if you no longer need our services, or just have to downscale requests for a period of time. Just make sure to do so  before your next billing period so you don’t get charged for used hours.

How does the Free Design Blueprint work?


A one hour video call with the team. We go through your wants, needs and goals so we can get a full understanding of your design needs. 

Where can I have a look-see at your design history?


Review our  work portfolio or what our customers say about us and our work.

How do I pay for my subscription?


Right now, we are using Stripe as our main method of payment. We’ll let you know once cash, checks, bank transfers or other payment options become available. 


What packages do you offer?


ESSENTIALS - Perfect for small businesses or rookie entrepreneurs with round-the-clock marketing needs to ramp up their content and attract more customers.

GOOD DEAL - Suitable for startups & marketing teams that want to grow and need to attract new users with more advanced designs.

MIGHT AS WELL - Ideal for medium to large businesses that need to get more things done, pronto.

What if I need more hours?


If you’ve used up all your design hours for the month but still have design requests, you can simply wait for next month or upgrade your package to increase your hours. 

Can I top up hours?


If your next cycle date to refresh your package is too near and/or you need less than 20 hours more, you can top up on a per hour basis instead. Contact your project manager to determine an estimate based on your remaining design needs. 

Can I switch packages anytime?


The beauty of a subscription plan is its flexibility. If you need more or less hours, just switch plans according to the demands of your business. Just remember to make the switch before your cycle refreshes.

Do you offer any discounts?


Sign up to our yearly plan to get a 10% discount.

Am I allowed to cancel? How do I cancel?


Cancel our subscription plan anytime by contacting your project manager or with a simple email to Remember to cancel before your cycle refreshes to avoid getting billed.

Would I be able to get any refund?


Oops! You cancelled after your cycle refreshed. Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds if this happens.

Are there any hidden charges?


No set up charges, no hidden charges, and no cancellation charges. Rates are already inclusive of tax, and stated in USD. Awesome, right?

What is my billing schedule?


Invoices are sent every 30 days, and will start exactly a month after you signed up.

Copyright, Legal, Privacy

Who has the ownership of the design/code? Do I own the rights to all my design?


Yes, you own rights

How do I know my design is trademark and copyright free?


All of our designers are trained to check and double-check resources, icons, images, and fonts used on your design for trademark and copyright infringement. So you can have the confidence to use your completed designs without fear of trademark or copyright infringement.

What kind of requests do you NOT support?


Pornographic materials, anything that involves derogatory, racism, abuse, etc

What are your terms of work?


You can check our terms of work here

What is your privacy policy?


You can check our privacy policy here

About Melewi

Where is your office located?


The world is our oyster.  Melewi is a remote-first company, we’re helping you achieve your business goals from all over the world.

Tell me more about Melewi.


Melewi is a product design & growth agency. With 60+ years of collective experience, we’ve helped Fortune 100's, 500's and ambitious startups around the world succeed. Seven years of battle-testing our methodology means you can count on us to create effective, organised and accurate work that delivers results quickly.

What are your work hours?


We operate on Singapore business hours (9am to 5pm M-F), but since some of our team members are in other parts of the world, we’re pretty much flexible with time.


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